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We Are One Spirit

We strive to empower and educate to create a better future.

One Spirit is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to creating sustainable solutions for the Lakota people of Pine Ridge Reservation.

We strongly believe in partnering with the citizens of Pine Ridge Reservation to help the Oglala Lakota tribe of Native Americans achieve happier and healthier lives while honoring their remarkable history and culture. We are a worldwide group of all-volunteer members dedicated to providing the tools and employment needed to address severe nutritional shortages in a food desert, almost 90% unemployment, and a lack of facilities to support children and the elderly culturally and in providing better living conditions

Providing Empowerment and Support to the Lakota Community

We work in partnership with the Oglala Lakota of Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to achieve happier, healthier lives within the context of their remarkable and unique history and culture.

 Our programs are dedicated to providing the tools and employment to bring healthy food, fuel, and cultural support to a tribe that suffers severe nutritional shortages in a food desert, lacks employment opportunities (almost 90% unemployment), and facilities to support children and the elderly culturally and in providing better living circumstances.

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Sisters building creative solutions for Grand Marais housing shortage

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